When Shroud revealed on April Fool’s Day that he was going pro in VALORANT, there may be more than couple of grains of reality concealed in there. There’s no smoke without fire, and Shroud has revealed that the competitive enthusiasm still burns within him. The reason for quenching it? His stream.

The streamer has actually made clear his affection for VALORANT, presuming as to call it “one of the greatest video games” he’s played in a long while.

In a video uploaded to his 2nd YouTube channel, Shroud talked about his love for VALORANT and streaming and the insane time restraints that he would face ought to he try to wade into the competitive circuit once again.

” I wan na be competitive and I wan na like, go far in the video game but I know I can’t,” Shroud stated. “I would love to contend again, but that threatens the stream.”

Shroud stated that due to his competitive history, it’s difficult to deal with VALORANT merely as an activity “for enjoyable”. He went to explain that it wasn’t about skill or for lack of attempting: rather, he would lose all the time for himself by trying to manage his obligations.

The streamer would need to make sure he both streamed and practiced the “correct amount of hours”. Shroud mentioned that it was in theory possible to “do both”, but he wouldn’t have the ability to “do anything else.”

The former CS: GO pro had the first-hand experience on this subject while he was still completing in Valve’s tactical shooter. The banner then included that he doesn’t “truly wish to do that once again.”

” I simply enjoy what I do now, and I prefer it a lot more,” Shroud said. “However it simply sucks due to the fact that VALORANT’s a great video game and I wish to follow everything the method through, however it’s not casual enough.”

Shroud went on to state that in its present state, VALORANT is a competitive video game through and through, even in an unrated mode. Raising CS: GO as soon as again, Shroud mentioned the capability to “delve into a random server” and just “do something”, instead of being forced into a large time commitment.

Fortunately, this problem may be corrected in the future. While VALORANT presently only uses a tactical 5v5 game mode, Riot Games have actually discussed their openness to “exploring brand-new modes post-launch.”

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Shroud knows that while he’s more than likely going to continue streaming other video games, he understands that Riot’s FPS is one video game he’s going to keep returning to.

” I have VALORANT and it’s always going to be there as like a fallback,” Shroud said. “Like, hey, I do not understand what to play, fuck it, I’ll do a couple video games of VALORANT.”