Valorant closed beta shook the gaming world with concerns about being the very best FPS tactical shooter game. When it came out, no one was expecting the sheer magnitude of its appeal. The dispute on whether Valorant will ultimately replace CS: GO began brewing quickly enough. Numerous pros and streamers delivered their viewpoints on it too.

Recently Shroud chose to break his silence on the matter. When and for all, he put the debate to rest. As a previous CS: GO pro, his viewpoint matters a lot. We have actually currently seen how CS: GO expert gamers are easily changing over to Valorant.

Even expert teams are building their arsenal when it pertains to Valorant. Shroud went on to state, “this video game, the skill ceiling, and the potential is much lower than a video game like Counter-Strike.” A rough translation would mean Valorant is a simpler video game than Counter-Strike. Nevertheless, Riot Games may be on a totally various objective altogether.

Shroud provides his decision on Valorant or CS: GO.

” This game is trying to reach to people that do not play FPS.” This statement from Shroud made us think of the real target audience that Riot wants for Valorant.

” A great deal of people that are playing Valorant have never ever touched a first-person-shooter in their lives.” That does imply that the game is not as tough as others.

For a video game like CS: GO, one has to keep grinding until they have actually reached the summit of excellence. However, for a video game like Valorant (according to Shroud), “it is not as penalizing.”.

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Where does the future of FPS video games lie?

When you talk about competitive FPS competitions, do not be shocked if Valorant takes over that scene. With recent developments, we can just predict that this video game is here to stay for a very long time, competitively too. Hence, it might not be a “CS: GO killer”, but it will have its own empire.

Shroud discussed, with respect to characters like Brimstone or Omen, how strategizing in this game is easier. Perhaps it is to incorporate individuals who have never played FPS video games prior to. The comprehensive nature of this video game does make it a more attractive game.

” Nobody would say it has a higher ability ceiling than CS. You would be insane to state that.”.

In conclusion, Valorant may be the new interesting game around the block, however CS: GO stays irreplaceable.

Source: Shroud.