Just recently, a great deal of gamers have actually started to stop throughout competitive matches.

Within months of launch, Valorant has turned into one of the world’s most popular 5v5 competitive esports.

Millions of players are playing valorant every day. There are active esports tournaments across the world. And with continuous developer support, Valorant is growing continuously.

As a team-based video game, Valorant requires players to be part of a group. Solo queued gamers are paired with and matched versus other solo queued players. Valorant requires great team coordination and communication between the gamers. However, helpful teammates are becoming rarer by the day.

Many times, solo line lobbies are afflicted with individuals AFKing. In short, gamers are feeling like the competitive mode is becoming a problem.

Sometimes a player may quit a match depending upon how it’s going. A player may feel like they have no possibility to win, so they simply stopped the match. Often times, this encourages other players to quit. So players wishing for an excellent match wind up with a destroyed experience. Redditor u/nightvisions says

” Out of this handful of games I’ve played the previous two days, 4 of them have actually had at least one leaver (also it’s literally just been on my team), and a couple of have had 2. A single person leaves due to the fact that they’re mad or something, which then encourages another person to leave since they see no point in continuing a 4v5.”

Valorant has a system to cancel a missing player. The system spawns an Ulti orb in place of the missing player and provides extra money to the colleagues to buy much better weapons. This would help out the team and they might not need to eco in an otherwise low economy round.

Some gamers are feeling like the existing system isn’t sufficient to compensate for the missing gamer. Instead, the system should generate a bot similar to other 5v5 competitive fps such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, to make up for the missing player.

The bot could basically take the very same place as the missing out on gamer and might be released fundamental commands through a command wheel. Redditor u/zacklikethat states

” In CSGO they have bots for when someone leaves the game so the video game can be a little fairer so it could give you that slight benefit for leavers. Why not include this to valorant? It wouldn’t be too tough to carry out as the training school has these bots.”

Be it a bot or some other means, it appears like the number of leavers has increased in valorant, which has actually left solo queue players annoyed.