The report mill squandered no time pairing the Detroit quarterback, Matthew Stafford, and the SF 49ers.

The report mill for the SF 49ers and the quarterback market in the offseason have remained in full swing for this year.

If there’s a quarterback on the relocation, you can bet the Niners are either linked to him or the fanbase is demanding it.

The Houston Texans’ Deshaun Watson is quickly the jewel of the marketplace, however the hefty asking price he makes sure to warrant would make it a predicament for San Francisco to overcome given there are other groups like the New York Jets in a better scenario to pay up.

One less costly option, nevertheless, would be Matthew Stafford, the Detroit Lions quarterback who desires a clean slate and who’s currently being connected to the SF 49ers.

There’s not a doubt in the world about the capability of Stafford. He’s a strong quarterback who’s sadly been encumbered substandard teams in Detroit. Injury has cost him a few of his career likewise, as he’s frequently been pulled down by bad stopping.

But the question is, should the group shoot on Stafford and carry on from incumbent quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo?

Well, one consideration is the cost. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that the Lions can expect to net back a first-round pick in return. This might be thought about reasonably high for a player who turns 33 years old prior to the start of the 2021 season and has actually been injured before and the group is dedicated to carrying on.

Nevertheless, you could likewise consider that the inevitably big market for a shown product at quarterback would move the cost up in a bidding war.

Likewise to be thought about is that the talented quarterback hasn’t lost an action yet. Stafford played all 16 games, finished 64.2 percent of his passes and threw for 4,084 lawns with 26 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions.

Contractually, Stafford is on a fairly friendly offer likewise, being owed $20 million in 2021 and $23 million in 2022. As a contrast, Garoppolo is due $25.5 million in 2021.

Team-wise, it’s tough not to see Stafford as an excellent fit with the video game strategy of head coach Kyle Shanahan. Groups understand the SF 49ers as a running group, but Stafford would bring a brand-new weapon into the mix where he can toss the ball anywhere on the field. It ‘d work well for Stafford also, as Shanahan is a terrific coach who can improve his game a lot more.

Lastly, Stafford wishes to be on a team that would be a competitor. The Niners are just one year eliminated from a Super Bowl appearance and it’s universally accepted that the bad 2020 season is an outcome of injuries and not due to any real regression.

However is Stafford a huge enough upgrade at quarterback over Garoppolo to merit handing over the first-round selection the SF 49ers possess at No. 12 overall? Possibly not, however could Detroit accept a 2022 choice if the Niners want to gamble they finish with a better record next season?

There’s a lot to yet play out for the Stafford sweepstakes. Watson stays the crown jewel of the marketplace and that domino may need to fall before other relocations are made.

However for San Francisco, it ‘d be dumb to not a minimum of consider what 2021 would look like with a quarterback like Stafford under center.

However the real question for the group and the fans: should they pull the trigger?