Dakar, Senegal, June 7 (Infosplusgabon) – Mr. Augustin Senghor, President of the Senegalese Football Federation (FSF), has suggested the introduction of joint hosts for Nations Cup competitors featuring 24 teams.

Senghor stated the Confederation of African Football (CAF) must introduce this programme following the inability of some nations to go it alone.

The focus needs to be a Nations’ cup co-hosted by neighbouring countries.

He revealed this concept throughout a virtual conference with journalists on the platform of the National Association of Sports Press of Senegal.

According to him, just 2 or 3 African nations presently have the capacity and essential infrastructures to host this competition, which has actually grown to 24 groups given that the last edition in 2019 in Egypt.

Referring to the specific case of neighboring Guinea to which the organization of the AFCON 2025 has actually been entrusted, Mr. Senghor, a member of the Executive Committee of CAF, considered that it depends on this country and this nation alone “to state whether or not it is ready or not to co-organize”.

On the occasion that its neighbor to the south, which had actually made an application for an 18-team AFCON, accepts this possibility, it would be exceptional news and an excellent opportunity for Senegal to renew its ties with an AFCON in the house, after the only experience of 1992.

He said for Senegal, this would indicate a large program of construction, rehab, repair, and modernization of 5 or six stadiums in this West African nation.

He stated “an Africa Cup of Nations with 2 neighboring countries as co-hosts will be a great event and both could take advantage of great infrastructures to develop their football at a national level after the final stage of the Africa Cup of Nations”.

According to him, if the United States, Canada, and Mexico have joined forces to arrange the 2026 World Cup, why should not 2 African nations join forces to host the AFCON? Particularly considering that it will be less troublesome for each of them.

“We remember that a couple of months back, the Guinean Minister of Sports had actually turned down the idea of co-hosting the AFCON 2025.

However ever since, other important voices in Guinea have been leaning to the contrary.