Team Trick took out a 2-1 win over OG on Friday to reach the last of the $145,000 BLAST Bounty Hunt Dota 2 online occasion.

In the lower bracket, Group Nigma came from behind to tape a 2-1 success over Team Liquid.

Nigma and OG will square off Saturday in lower-bracket final, with the winner to oppose Secret in the grand last later the very same day.

The playoffs-only occasion included 6 groups, all of whom were invited, with Secret and OG getting byes to the upper-bracket semifinals. All matches are best-of-three up until Saturday’s best-of-five grand last.

Rather than prize money based upon completing position, each team started with an active cash pool: $20,000 each for Secret and OG and $15,000 for the other 4 teams. Each match winner takes 40 percent of its challenger’s active money pool, implying Secret declared $11,360 from OG on Friday while Nigma snatched $5,616 from Liquid.

There is also $45,000 readily available through bounty hunt, with prizes granted for various achievements. Nigma won $5,000 Tuesday for keeping one staff member alive throughout of a game, while Alliance won $5,000 on Tuesday for not enabling Ninjas in Pyjamas to acquire control of their outpost for a whole video game. Still offered are a $20,000 prize for killing a single opponent player 20 times in one game, and a $15,000 reward for killing at least 9 of the challenger’s couriers in a video game.

In the upper-bracket last, Secret made a 39-minute win before OG leveled the match with a 46-minute choice. The definitive third game went to Secret in 32 minutes.

Michael “Nisha” Jankowski paced Secret with a 10.7/ 3.0/ 15.0 kill/death/assist ratio. Sumail “Suma1L” Hassan topped OG with a 7.0/ 4.0/ 10.0 kill/death/assist ratio.

Liquid leapt in front in the lower-bracket second round with a 33-minute win, however Nigma rallied to take the series with 27- and 39-minute victories.

Nigma’s Amer “Wonder-” Al-Barkawi recorded a 4.3/ 5.7/ 11.0 kill/death/assist ratio. Max “qojqva” Broecker was Liquid’s leader with a 10.7/ 2.3/ 8.7 kill/death/assist ratio.

BLAST Bounty Hunt Dota 2 schedule


Lower-bracket last

OG vs. Team Nigma


Team Trick vs. OG-Team Nigma winner

BLAST Bounty Hunt Dota 2 prize money through Friday (active pool, bounty pool):.

Group Trick– $39,760, 0.

Team Nigma– $21,816, $5,000.

OG– $17,040, 0.

Team Liquid– $8,424, 0.

Alliance– $7,560, $5,000.

Ninjas in Pyjamas– $5,400, 0.