Team Trick continued their undefeated run at the OGA Dota PIT Online today with a 2-0 win over Alliance in the very first round of the upper bracket. This success also marks Secret’s 14th series win in a row.

Alliance have actually been the only team to take a match off of Secret in the past 30 games, taking a video game in the Gamers Without Borders charity competition. While Secret wound up winning with a tidy sweep today, both squads were uniformly matched in two back-and-forth matches.

The first video game saw Alliance get off to a hot start thanks to their mid laner’s iconic hero, Templar Assassin. Limmp handled to solo kill Nisha’s Storm Spirit in the lane.

Secret supported the scenario swiftly, however, never ever allowing Limmp to leave control. Secret maintained the farm rates on their cores, with zai putting his Timbersaw in numerous harmful situations and getting away by the skin of his teeth many of the time.

The video game state was on a knife’s edge as the two teams continuously traded fights. Secret began decisively winning fights after numerous Heaven’s Halberd and an Aghanim’s Scepter was purchased on Nisha. Secret got a trustworthy source of crowd control as well as regularly disarming Limmp, preventing him from administering damage.

Secret won battles by outliving their challengers with spells like Wraith King’s Reincarnation, trimming Alliance’s Black King Bars’ and resources prior to devoting their ultimates. Alliance were unable to keep up in the resource race and conceded after a difficult video game.

Video game two saw Nisha uncharacteristically feeding first blood again thanks to a well-timed snipe from Alliance’s Clockwerk and his Rocket Flare. Trick’s 2 other cores followed with deaths, however as usual, Secret stayed unfazed and continued their gameplan. With Enigma and Earthshaker on their side, the European titans were the kings of the teamfight.

Also, Alliance had their own teamfight ultimates with Death Prophet and Kunkka. Whenever each team’s big spells came off cooldown, they found themselves constantly posturing and trading essential heroes. But Secret had the more reliable push with Lycan and Enigma, gradually trying Alliance’s base.

While Alliance continued to flash glances of their potential, Secret’s preternatural capability to choke out their opponents entered into play yet once again. Secret continued to accumulate a net worth lead and Alliance were eventually suffocated by their opponents’ benefit in items from every hero.

Secret will proceed to the next round of the competition and face two-time The Worldwide champs OG, who beat Ninjas in Pyjamas in a highly-anticipated match previously today.

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The 2 European titans clash in the upper bracket finals tomorrow, arranged to begin at 1pm CT