European titans Group Secret made their 13th straight series win and complete with a flawless group stage record in Group B of the OGA Dota PIT Online today after handling Ninjas in Pyjamas with ease 2-0.

Trick’s wunderkind Nisha was impressive today. Playing Mirana and Morphling in the series, the Polish mid laner went beyond godlike in both games while keeping a deathless record.

In both video games, NiP were unable to stay up to date with Trick’s rapid-fire pace. The Ninjas chose for two difficult brings in both games, taking the Anti-Mage and the Meepo in games one and 2, respectively. Secret appropriately punished the slow buildup of NiP’s heroes with aggressive heroes that constantly needled their challengers. But Secret had the incredible ability to rapidly turn those pinpricks into full-on stabbings. NiP were quickly drained of their blood, with the total series length lasting under an hour.

While Nisha was the star of the show this time around, the entire Secret team has been shining intense. The team’s last series loss came nearly 3 weeks ago versus Team Liquid and they have actually because gone 28-1, winning two different tournaments while doing so.

A huge strength throughout Trick’s run has been the team’s ludicrous hero versatility. Each gamer appears to have a limitless hero swimming pool and all of them are capable of bringing some unorthodoxy to the celebration. It doesn’t matter if YapzOr is playing his very first professional game on Tinker as a support, Zai is selecting the offlane Queen of Pain, or even Puppey playing a hard assistance Weaver. Secret doesn’t simply make do– they fly in the face of convention and make their strategies look downright overpowered.

NiP may have lost today, however their 3-1 group phase record sees them through to the upper bracket also. The team will face another titan right away in OG.

Secret move on to the playoffs of the OGA Dota PIT Online and will meet Alliance in the upper bracket. Alliance handed Secret their only loss in the previous 29 matches at the semifinals of the Gamers Without Borders tournament. Alliance will want to stop the freight train tomorrow at 7am CT