These are the player who will make up the Seahawks 2020 practice team.

NFL practice teams expanded to 16 for 2020. The Seahawks and other teams had the ability to keep more than the normal 10 gamers due to all the mess surrounding COVID-19. NFL groups can also keep 55 players active on game days by bringing two gamers off the practice squad weekly.

This implies that two of the gamers called to the practice team could actually be part of the week one roster and have a considerable impact. Shaquem Griffin was re-signed, for example, and he could aid with the pass rush right away. Or potentially protective take on Cedrick Lattimore provides needed depth on the interior of the defensive line.

Seattle did keep one quarterback on the practice team however it wasn’t Anthony Gordon so a great deal of Washington State fans are most likely disappointed. However one Washington Husky made it on the practice team, so that is good.

So who will be on the Seattle Seahawks 2020 practice team?

Side note: No Seahawks released on Saturday were claimed by other groups but all gamers launched can be signed to practice teams of other teams should that team and player concur to an offer. Luckily, Shaquem Griffin was not a gamer that 12s will need to enjoy play in other places (and most likely get like 5 sacks this season).