Argentine tennis player Diego Schwartzman (r) and comic and “banner” Lucas Rodríguez throughout the presentation of the Stone Movistar Academy, in the province of Buenos Aires./ Stone Movistar

Buenos Aires, Dec 23.- Argentine tennis gamer Diego Schwartzman, number 9 in the ATP classification, described in dialogue with Efe that he chose to create the electronic sports team Stone Movistar and get included in the world of eSports because it is a “scene” with “a lot of space for growth”.

Schwartzman’s team, that includes Argentine swimmer Delfina Pignatiello, will contend in 2021 in League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Free Fire, Valorant, Fortnite and FIFA 21.

Stone Movistar will have an academy in the province of Buenos Aires and among its goals is that “increasingly more females sign up with the world” of electronic sports, traditionally dominated by males.

Concern: How did your relationship with videogames start and when did you start to see them from a more competitive side?

Response: It is a world that I have understood for a long period of time, like the whole generation of my age (28 years). In the in 2015 or so I got more and more involved. Initially, we attempted to understand a little more and see how we might get involved, what space there was inside the scene to take part in an accountable method, attempting to keep the scene growing.

Q: How did you decide to develop an eSports team?

A: My bro more than anything, who is among the legs of the Stone Movistar table, he got to understand this world a lot, he got closer to business people who were getting associated with this world. He had many conferences to discover and find out what this universe resembled, then he moved it to me and asked me if I wanted to get involved and have a group. We went step by step and here we are.

We have a lot to know however we are discovering a little more every day and having a good time. We have a group behind that is excellent and works very well. The task will undoubtedly be a success.

Q: Increasingly more professional athletes and standard clubs are going into e-sports. Do you think it is a pattern that is going to be sustained?

A: We athletes got involved due to the fact that here in Argentina and in the region the scene is growing, there is a lot of room to grow. All the teams are doing a remarkable job, they have been growing and doing things well. That got us excited to get in. For this reason, lots of Argentines like Guille Coria, ‘el Kun’ or I were informed and created our own projects. I comprehend that it is something that will improve the scene.

There is a great deal of room for growth in the scene, beyond the truth that lots of teams and people had actually been doing things extremely well. There are many individuals who were born with consoles and who understand the world, in quotes, and wish to get included and add their two cents.

Q: What can you inform us about the training element of the academy?

A: The Stone Movistar academy, and what possibly lots of other groups are going to do in the future, is to create security in the individuals who complete and in the parents who send their children to play or who see their kids playing. We wish to develop a world of respect, uniformity, much better competition and a healthy environment. It is something we wish to target.

Q: According to the launch declaration, among the pillars of Stone Movistar is “to encourage the development of females players.” How and why did you make that choice?

A: Our company believe that the world and ladies remain in a world transformation that is great and it is a scene where there are lots of males and there are not numerous ladies involved. It would be great to be able to make them get involved in the gamer world. That is among the worths and objectives of the academy, that more and more females join this world.

Q: How essential is it that Delfina Pignatiello becomes part of the group?

A: Delfi can be a really important flag because it has been streaming for a very long time and effectively. That she pulls from her side to involve more women is really crucial.

We intend, without a doubt, to attempt to include a lot more women on the scene, that they are much better and that they participate increasingly more. I come from a sport that I think is the most egalitarian in regards to prizes and others and it appears to me that it is something essential if they can be added gradually and improving what is happening in the world: the inclusion of women in all locations and in which the world is more egalitarian in every way.

Q: What will remain in the facilities of the Hacoaj Nautical Club?

A: We are going to do a gaming house that is going to be outstanding. It will start to be performed in January and ideally it can be ended up in February or March, with all the equipment for the expert groups that complete and the academy.

Sebastian Meresman