Oceanicesports company Dire Wolves has acquired competing Oceanicesports organization Avant Video gaming. With the merger, Avant will be soaked up by the Dire Wolves brand name and Dire Wolves will get in CS: GO while obtaining a number of other lineups.

Avant Gaming signs up with Alarming Wolves, bringing ten years of experience. Direwolf will be the area’s leading talent place, with the CS: GO, Valorant and League of Legends teams all getting involved under this one name.

” AVANT is one of the founding companies of ANZe Sports and has a valuable tradition that we are extremely happy to take over in welcoming the group to the Direwolf family,” stated Direwolf. States Jason Spiller.

Avant Video gaming owner Wes Collier likewise talked about the acquisition: “Dire Wolf and Avant have always shared remarkable competitors and shared respect as two of Oceania’s most popular and renowned esports companies. It was an excellent journey for Avant, but a brand-new age for both companies, and Direwolf was further established as the dominant esports brand in the area. ”

Dire wolf

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