According to a report by The Mercury News, the city of Santa Clara and the San Francisco 49ers are butting heads over Levi’s Stadium once again– and there’s an entire lot of cash on the line.

This tiff is about lease: The NFL cancelled the preseason in its whole, so the 49ers lost out on two house preseason games. For that reason, the team states it isn’t obliged to pay roughly $2.7 million in rent for those two contests, a dollar amount The Mercury News states will be closer to $5 million by the end of the month.

The city’s stadium authority board wants its cash back As Soon As Possible, and voted in favor of an arbitration claim on Tuesday to recover it. Offered the state of the world, that arbitration case could take a long time.

The 49ers’ logic here is curious. On a micro level, a lot of renters in apartment have been not able to pay lease during the pandemic, however their circumstance is understandable, worthwhile of sympathy, and something to resolve in order to prevent mass evictions and significant loss of income. The occupants of Levi’s Stadium, however, are the 49ers, owned by the York household, worth billions of dollars. (The 49ers are actually determined as “renter” in their stadium operations contract.) The Mercury News states there are no terms in the lease agreement in which the 49ers are not accountable for paying lease.

This cost-saving maneuver isn’t most likely to review well with Santa Clara citizens.