Samsung’s most current monitor, which was announced back at CES, is lastly here. Additional broadening the Odyssey lineup after the G7’s statement a couple of weeks earlier, the Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor has a couple of very fascinating tricks up its sleeve, like QLED technology, 240Hz refresh rate, HDR1000, a “DQHD” resolution, and … a 1000R curvature. This ultra-curved display screen is actually a player’s dream, though it does have a lofty cost to match its high-end features.

DQHD resolution provides the equivalent of 2 side-by-side QHD displays

While the majority of UltraWide monitors offer a 3440 × 1440 resolution, Samsung’s crazy Odyssey G9 packs something quite different. With a “Dual QHD Show”, the DQHD resolution procedures 5120 × 1440, which is the equivalent of 2 1440p screens. With pin-sharp resolution, this is perfect if you’re desiring to match down your desk to have one screen on it rather of two.

For several years it’s been my dream to have 2 monitors side-by-side with minimal bezel in between, but Samsung’s Odyssey G9 takes that up a notch by entirely eliminating the bezel. Ideally, we begin seeing much more DQHD displays come out after this one, as the 5120x1440p resolution would seriously be killer for both gaming and efficiency.

240Hz is unprecedented at this resolution

While there are loads of 240Hz gaming displays that are 1080p resolution, it’s tough to find a great screen that’s 1440p and this high of a resolution. So, not only does this screen use an unprecedented 5120x1440p resolution, having a 240Hz is equally rare.

What 240Hz provides you is the capability to run video games at as much as 240 frames per 2nd, which is something that hectic players need when playing titles like CS: GO, Call of Duty, Pinnacle Legends, and more. Both G-SYNC and FreeSync are here, which give players on both AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards the ability to maximize what Samsung’s most current display has to offer.

1000R curvature fully immerses you into your games

Many screens come with a 1800R curvature, which provides a small bend to the screen. Well, Samsung went full-scale and provides a 1000R bend, which actually wraps the screen around your head, even more immersing you into the video game.

This is likely because of how large the screen is, staying with a 1800R curve would not be adequate to avoid you from having to extend your neck far to see both ends of the screen.

Pricing and accessibility

The Samsung Odyssey G9 49-inch Video gaming Screen will cost $1,699.99 and is slated to ship on July 13th. It’s readily available for pre-order direct from Samsung, and should quickly be at other merchants.

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