For the first time in the history of the New Orleans Saints, the team will strap up on Christmas and wish to bring the present of a victory to fans across the world.

The Saints will play host to the Minnesota Vikings, who are notoriously known for ruining the team’s seasons or avoiding them from advancing in the postseason. The Vikings have required the Saints to exit the playoffs too soon in two of the last three seasons.

This year, the Saints get the chance to win the division on their house field against a rival opponent on national TELEVISION, and there are sure to be some prominent gamers who increase to the celebration.

The Saints have lost two video games in a row, so a 3rd could be ruthless. While they locked up a playoff berth a couple of weeks earlier, this group is fighting not just to clinch the division but to get rid of the Vikings from the postseason.

That stated, here are three gamers I believe will have a dominant game against the Minnesota Vikings.