Survival game and newly-minted Twitch phenomenon Rust once again sets a concurrent gamer record for the Facepunch Studios title on Steam.

Survival video game and newly-minted Twitch phenomenon Rust has once again exceeded its own Steam concurrent gamer record for the video game, eclipsing over 240,000 active users at its peak over the previous weekend. Rust, established by Facepunch Studios, is a survival game that has actually been around given that its early gain access to period in 2013, introducing its full release in 2018 and staying fairly specific niche for the majority of its life span ever since.

Rust is the current recipient of Twitch’s ability to alter a video game’s fortunes relatively overnight, nevertheless, so it’s not niche now Rust is following in the steps of Amongst United States – surprisingly enough, another 2018 multiplayer release – in exploding well after standard wisdom would suggest. Content developers wanting to widen their multiplayer streams beyond the ever-present Among United States recently started to pick up Rust as an alternative, and the result has been a surge of interest in the video game. Rust is now a regular component of numerous content developer’s streams, typically featuring cooperations between popular Twitch stars in the very same way that Amongst United States has actually allowed for months now. Rust’s popularity on Twitch streams likewise equated to an uptick in active users, with the game setting records for its concurrent player numbers previously in January.

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Fortunately keeps rolling in for Rust, as, according to Steam Charts, the game experienced its best-ever weekend in regards to Steam concurrent gamer count simply a couple of days ago. The analytics recommend that the game was available in simply shy of 245,000 active gamers, peaking at 244,934. For a game that’s peak gamers sat at 97,445 just one month prior, that’s an amazing quantity of development, and it’s still acquiring traction as more Twitch material developers – and as a result, their followers – provide the game a try.

For context, regardless of the truth that Rust’s numbers are a huge success for Facepunch Studios, even hovering around the 245,000 mark does not make it the most-played video game on Steam. As of this writing, CS: GO has almost 1 million concurrent players, while Dota 2 is over 430,000. The difference, naturally, is that the latter two video games are Valve titles with a long history of success, and Rust was a middle-of-the-pack multiplayer title on Steam simply a few months ago.

Today, Rust is experiencing the sort of development most designers can only imagine – but it’s likewise indicative of a pattern that suggests video game launches aren’t necessarily as important as they were years ago. Of course it’s better to experience immediate success with a title, however quality gameplay – and, perhaps, multiplayer as a must – can lead to a title getting selected up by content creators months or years later and experiencing a revival in interest. That’s motivating for indie devs looking to make quality video games in specific niche multiplayer markets, but it’s also worth noting how much of this kind of thing comes down to getting rather lucky, and Amongst United States and Rust aren’t necessarily plans to follow for future video games.

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Source: Steam Charts

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