Genuine love sees no borders and rejects all stereotypes. The color of skin does not matter when the 2 enjoy together. Meet Marat Davlyaev from the Perm area, Russia, and Kent Kekelva, a lady from Zambia whose love story is genuinely motivating for lots of.

Marat, 25, resides in Sedyash village not far from Perm. He wed the girl with the exotic name and the couple quickly ended up being rather popular in Russia.

They found each other in social networks but their affair was not fully accidental. Marat had been dreaming of a dark-skinned partner since youth. When he saw photos of Kent, he realizedhe discovered HER. He instantly fell in love.

Kent came to Russia to enter the medical institute in Rostov-on-Don. By a fortunate mishap Marat was also there on a company journey. The lady, however, refused to fulfill, she was too shy. But they started to exchange messages. Quickly he sent her cash for a ticket and woman pertained to Marat. their conference was really enjoyable for both.

Relatives of Marat treat the girl warmly. But Marat says their mindset would not alter anything anyway. He does not care about the skin of her color now, their connection is spiritual.

Regrettably, some people, consisting of remote relatives of Marat, do not like his option. Some people even insult the couple.

Marat says it’s not about some fetish or something, he shares that he merely likes to hold the hand of Kent, he’s romantic and conservative.

He states that Kent is sensible, caring and kind. he’s not rich however she does not care.

They want to have five kids and think they will be stunning and wise. In Zambia households are big. The woman herself has 2 bros and four sisters.

In 2021 Marat plans to go to Zambia and meet the moms and dads of Kent face to face. Up until then, they communicate online.