Missing from the start of Season 11, Riot Games finally reveals the factor behind the removal of Rod of Ages product from League of Legends.

When it concerns populated multiplayer video games, it’s always hard to keep all the community pleased. League of Legends is Riot Games’ most significant title to date and individuals simply can’t stop playing it. Nevertheless, often the developers have to make decisions that might seem unnecessary to players, and that’s why League of Legends designers have actually recently addressed some of the community’s burning questions, including the elimination of some items such as Rod of Ages from the video game.

The designers just mentioned three primary classifications that if an in-game product falls under any of those, must be revamped and if the rework didn’t get it out of the category, then it needs to be gotten rid of from the game. Below you can find those categories:

When it comes to Rod of Ages, particularly, the game designer behind League of Legends believes that the product breaks 2 principles of the Mythic items: complete satisfaction and option. According to the designer, Rod of Ages was just utilized by a handful of Champions and it was too effective for the Champions who wanted it to consider other alternatives. Apparently, the group behind the game has already tested various versions of Rod of Ages as a Mythic product, however when well balanced, users seemed like they were irrelevant for too long while waiting for their Mythic item to scale.