After trading away James Harden for Victor Oladipo and a ton of draft picks, rumors immediately started about the Houston Firecrackers turning Oladipo forward for future properties. With the general public perception being that the Firecrackers would be going into a long-lasting reconstruct, having a 29-year old gamer on an expiring contract looking for huge money didn’t appear to fit the team’s needs.

Nevertheless, ever since the Rockets have actually united and revealed that they are a competitive, as shown by their recent six video game win streak. Throughout the streak, the trade reports had quieted down a bit and it appeared like the Firecrackers would hold on to him for group success.

The moment they lost a game, the rumors launched once again and all sorts of teams from the Miami Heat to the Philadelphia 76ers to the New York Knicks are being reported as trade locations.

One bad video game in a stretch of seven games does not spell the end of the Oladipo era as a Rocket and it should not. While the loss to the Thunder was a particularly bad one, things like that happen throughout the course of a whole NBA season and the Rockets remain in no hurry to trade away a player who has been so crucial in the team’s chemistry and state of mind.

There will be lots of offers for Oladipo in the coming month, but there are plenty of reasons for the Firecrackers to be patient.