Umar “Maru” Aswat is most known for his admin work throughout leading CS: GO esports events in the UK and worldwide including BLAST, ESL, Sleeping disorders, and epic.LAN amongst others. Umar will handle all competitions and events at Rix.GG including a series of competitions yet to be revealed.

Jamie Lewis, CEO and Founder, stated: “Umar is a British LAN legend and we’re exceptionally delighted to have him fronting our competition operations moving forward. Maru will be critical in ensuring all the Rix.GG competitions are fair, competitive, and as smooth as possible, in addition to an enjoyable broadcast for everyone at home.”

Umar “Maru” Aswat, Competition and Occasions Supervisor, stated: “I’m really happy and excited to be the Competition and Occasions Supervisor at Rix.GG. Life does work in mystical ways. Having ‘retired’ from my responsibilities over a year back, I did not think I would ever have an opportunity to make a considerable impact on grassroots esports.

” I would like to say thank you to everybody who has helped me on this journey to get me to this position. I wouldn’t be here today without the support you have actually provided to me for many years. Thank you to Rix.GG for entrusting me with this role and I’m really delighted to begin this journey with you. Let’s begin this new chapter!”

About Rix.GG

Rix.GG empowers esports athletes to reach their complete capacity through distinct chances, support, and competitive training. Founded by Jamie Lewis and a team of investors in 2020, the esports organisation introduced by signing one of the UK’s best Valorant groups including homegrown skill. Rix.GG aims to grow grassroots esports in the UK by establishing professional athletes, signing rosters in other titles, holding competitions and other esports events. Learn more at

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