Some of the greatest bullies in League of Legends are being taken down a notch.

League lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter comprehensive tentative Patch 10.11 changes today, which struck Graves, Talon, and Syndra.

Graves has become one of the more dominant junglers. The Outlaw can farm quick, burst enemies, and scale well into the late video game. Riot is tweaking his farming and burst potential in one fell swoop, nerfing the perk AD on his preliminary Q damage by 20 percent.

Talon and Syndra are both mid-lane fears. Talon can outroam any laner while breaking squishies with ease. To fight that, the mana cost and healing on kill for his Noxian Diplomacy (Q) is being nerfed.

Syndra, on the other hand, is having the cooldown of her E increased by 2 seconds at all levels. While this may partially reduce the frequency of her burst, it should not impact her capability to one-shot opponents. Among the biggest complaints that enemy laners have is that the Dark Sovereign is oppressive with heavy burst. Since her Q and ultimate damage stay the same, it’s uncertain just how much this will curb her power in the mid lane.

Janna is the last champ receiving the nerf hammer, losing W damage in the later phases of the game.