Riot will continue tweaking League of Legends’ in-game chat over the next number of patches, it revealed today.

Senior experience designer Jordan Checkman outlined several changes in Patches 11.1 and 11.2 that ought to substantially enhance the gamer experience. This must appease fans who were content with the old chat and have been struggling to adapt to the “unintuitive” changes, as some gamers complained on Reddit last month.

Spot 11.1 will bring about Drag Select improvements. And the pesky end of game double-enter bug will finally be repaired in 11.2, in addition to some scaling modifications to improve resolutions.

As for players having problem with typing while moving their champ, Checkman says it’s on Riot’s radar. However there’s no planned fix offered yet. This will let players enter chat after right-clicking on the Rift to direct their motion.

The chat tweaks detailed by Checkman are tentative, however, and “subject to alter.” With Spot 11.1 slated to launch on Jan. 6, players will soon find out what’s in store for the season’s launch.