League of Legends’ champ prohibits went from six to 10 in 2017. And it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon.

Gameplay style director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter talked about the champ-ban function in today’s Ask Riot blog site, breaking down the positives and negatives of increasing them. While devs might re-evaluate things in the future, it doesn’t appear like a restriction boost is around the corner.

” Restrictions are an important method for every player to have an option and some control over stopping an especially bad matchup or champ that they think is too strong,” Scruffy stated. “When we take a look at the tradeoffs of going from 10 restrictions to state 20 (2 restrictions per individual), it appears like we ‘d get more total downsides than gains.”

Though having more bans throughout champ choose would provide players more control over bad matches and include more depth to the pregame, the bad outweighs the excellent.

An increased number of bans would develop an even longer and more complicated champ choose, also increasing the potential for discouraging dodges. And while players would get to take out a champ that they feel is OP, there’s a higher threat of their own champ likewise getting prohibited. Unskilled or new players would be struck hardest given that their champ pool may be more limited.

As for the “devastating edge cases,” 20 restrictions has the possible to totally prohibit out a position or champ class. If the entire lobby targeted assassins, for instance, it ‘d be unhealthy for the state of the video game.

” Back when we increased the number of restrictions from 6 to 10, we felt there was clear positive net value,” Scruffy stated. “Increasing the variety of bans in League today feels more heavily weighted towards the negatives.”