Ending up being a Wuju swordsman can be a difficult job for any individual, no matter how strong they are. In Riot Games’ latest brief story, called Poetry with a Blade, fans get a behind-the-scenes take a look at how Master Yi ended up being one of the best users of the art of Wuju.

The story begins with a fiery, 15-year-old Yi heading off to train with Master Doran, a master weaponsmith who was well respected by Wuju’s own smiths and masters. Many League of Legends players not knowledgeable about the game’s lore will at least acknowledge his name from the popular starting items: Doran’s Blade, Doran’s Shield, and Doran’s Ring.

As the pair traveled together, Yi continuously questioned how Doran might perhaps assist him train to end up being a better Wuju swordsman. However as they continued a path that Yi had never ever seen before, Doran directed him to a location called Mistfall– an ancient battlefield where previous warriors would leave their weapons after vowing to never participate in battle once again.

Yi then had a vision of a fight that took place in between a race of titans that threatened to ruin mortals. It existed that the spirit revealed to Master Yi that Wuju Style actually draws power from the spirit realm. He had to stop concentrating on his swordsmanship and meditation a lot and rather focus on the magic swirling around him.

By lastly concentrating on his heart and body instead of his sword, Master Yi unlocked the ability to gain access to Wuju Design. His path to ending up being one of the best combatants in Runeterra had actually finally begun.

This is the 2nd time Master Doran has been seen in League’s tradition. The last time was back in Michael Luo’s short story around Master Yi called Homecoming.