Riot Games is eliminating the Eminence Points system in its entirety. A “new design” will replace the Eminence Point system at some point in 2021. If you still have any Status Points left in your account, you will still have time to invest them. Product Supervisor Ken Adams provided a fast upgrade to the LOL community ahead of the 2021 season.

Gamers can spend their Prestige Points up till mid-2021 in the interest of fairness. This will be the last possibility to off-load points before the system is chosen good. Soraka, Diana, Fiora, Leona, and Lulu will receive Eminence Skins in the coming months. Fans can anticipate more news about these upcoming skins in the future.


The designers deemed Prestige Points unjust and selected to gradually work them out of the game. This is the current big modification concerning League of Legends ahead of next year’s season. League of Legends will alter in a huge way for both veterans and novices once the 2021 season starts.

” Around the middle of 2021 (pending any obstacles) we’re improving the guidelines around unusual and unique content. This will include retiring Status Points. With less than half the year to get points and less than half as numerous alternatives to select from compared to 2019 and 2020, we believed it ‘d be unjust to develop a 2021 edition of Eminence Points.”

Riot currently announced the addition of a new product tier that could possibly shake up the entire competition. The departure from that may simply impact cosmetics however it is a reminder of Riot’s dedication to improving the video game even through massive modifications. There might still be more modifications incoming for the video game as the preseason continues. New product tiers and various cosmetic systems will not stop the millions of players from enjoying this esports titan.

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