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Lillia was exposed through a brand-new teaser trailer, along with a post on the League Of Legends site that dives into her story and capabilities. Lillia is being referred to as a “shy, clumsy and awkward” jungler, who Riot stated is likewise “the bravest champion” they have actually created up until now.

Several of Lillia’s abilities depend on her positioning to deal additional damage, and even true damage. Her passive will likewise let her mark players hit by her capabilities for additional damage, and her ultimate ability offers her some crowd control in the form of a powerful sleep.

Read a breakdown of Lillia’s abilities below, and enjoy videos her in action at the main League Of Legends site.

” I actually desired Lillia to seem like a shy, awkward fawn. It was a huge obstacle. How do you make ‘shy’ active?” champion designer Dan Emmons said. “Particularly, I wanted her to be weak against early invades. If you stumble upon this fawn in the forest, she should get terrified and have to run away due to the fact that she can’t fight you yet. And her movement speed gives her the ability to do that.”

Lillia is expected to arrive in League Of Legends with the kickoff of the Spirit Bloom Celebration, which begins on July 22. League Of Legends is available on PC.