Without question, every statement from Riot Games regarding its popular League of Legends franchise constantly draws the attention of its substantial neighborhood of users. On this celebration, they were summoned for what was the opening of the 2021 season, which provided some striking novelties and others, not a lot.

As for the main title of the lore de League of Legends, There were a number of novelties that its developer provided, such as the presentation of an incredible animated brief, which featured the participation of two classic franchise champions, Senna and Lucian, who deal with in an impressive moment the Destroyed King, Viego. This one, worth noting, will arrive this month as a jungle-type champ.

Other news that he interacted Riot was that Unlike the normal tonic with which it has been working. On the other hand, it was also suggested that Considering that from now on the loss of points will be lowered in case a member of the group leaves the game.

When it comes to the champs, they suggested that they will seek to continue with the characteristics they handled in 2020, including a new one in each of the primary positions. Advancing this, they reported that amongst these will appear an artillery mage who will be leading and a shooter who will amaze by the line in which he will participate. Referring to this, they likewise indicated that

To conclude with the news regarding LoL, Riot mentioned that the video game Nevertheless, it was likewise encouraged that some that have currently passed through the franchise will be duplicated, something that will definitely be invited by the gaming neighborhood.

As to Legends of Runeterra, the card video game, Riot Games also reported a big amount of content. Amongst the highlights, there are 2 new regions that will reach the title, among which is Shurima, which will be offered from March. In February, for its part, it will receive a seasonal competition and an unique occasion that will have as its slogan play with pals.

When it comes to champions, something that was not stressed throughout its very first months of life in the market. This is why the developer revealed that Aphelios will show up first, something that will certainly offer the foot to other arrivals from March. In addition, to continue incentivizing gamers, products will be offered as benefits.

Another title drawn from the League of Legends universe,. In the next couple of days, he will receive the Locations set mid-season update, which will restore champions of the quality of Aurelion and Swain. In addition, along with these will come new ones and mini-legends.

However, the most interesting in terms of TFT goes through what is coming in the future. As reported something that will dramatically change the experience of the video game This, without a doubt, intends to offer a twist to a title that, at the moment, is not having the support that was anticipated.

One of the titles with the most potential, but at the moment far from success, Beyond this, starting this trend with the intro of Rammus, Katarina and Dr. Mundo.

In turn, the title presented a cinematic of what the event will be Yordle Expedition, which will get here in the coming months and will present various items referring to tradition. This, which will be the biggest so far in the game, will be accountable for including Tristana, Lulu, Kennen, Corki y Teemo, classic franchise champs.

It was also announced, through the Latin American Twitter account, that something that had been delaying, considering that the date for Europe had actually recently been revealed. For that reason, in a few months, users in Latin America will have the ability to try this mobile title that, despite having excellent evaluations, still could not stomp among fans of the franchise.

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