Riot Games simply recently announced by means of Twitter and YouTube their upcoming plans in 2021 that included one of their biggest and latest job, the Valorant Champions Trip. Riot’s latest project is an international tournament series where teams all over the world will compete in the qualifiers en route to the worldwide stage, where the very first ever world champ will be crowned.

The course to the global stage starts with Valorant Oppositions, a regional competition that will take location in Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, The United States And Canada, and South America. This competition will commence on January 2021. Teams that are successful in the Oppositions will continue to Valorant Masters which will take place on March 2021, where the leading teams in each region will compete for an area for Valorant Champions. There will be three cycles of the Oppositions and Masters tournaments in order to increase the opportunities of other teams to complete for a slot in their culmination event which will happen on December 2021.

Riot has also revealed that the Masters tournaments are suggested to occur on a worldwide stage, however due to the COVID-19 break out the designers are required to arrange them as local occasions similar to their Descent on tournaments to assist the Valorant competitive scene in this trying times.

Given the success that Riot showcased with how they carried out League of Legends’ Worlds throughout the pandemic along with the popularity of their newest very first individual shooter video game, it concerned not a surprise that the business decided to formalize the Valorant esports scene through a global circuit. Valorant might not be the only video game that will have a professionalized esports scene, as their other titles such as League of Legends: Wild Rift and Legends of Runeterra could potentially follow the pattern too.

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