Very little details is known for the upcoming title, nevertheless.

For years, one of the most significant video games out there has been League of Legends. The publisher and developer behind it, Riot Games, has been extending the IP to other categories lately such as the card-based Legends of Runeterra and Ruined King, a more standard RPG. Now we know that they are also employing for another extension.

As reported by Game Informer, a Riot Games spokesman verified they were presently working with for functions centered around Gameplay Engineering, Video Game Style, UX Design, Video Game Art, and Game Production in relation to a MMORPG. No other details about the game itself were given.

The existence of a MMORPG based upon League of Legends was lowkey revealed on Twitter in 2015 by the developer. Considering that then, nevertheless, there has been no information about what it would possibly look like, nor when to anticipate it. Considering they are recently recruiting for some key roles, most likely it is a great ways off.