Riot Games will add advertisement banners to competitive League of Legends matches.

As revealed on the game’s website, the American company exposed its very first digital product for League of Legends esports, Summoner’s Rift Arena Banners. They will allow the private leagues to personalize how their banner looks to audiences while seeing main matches.

Nevertheless, to prevent a barrier to pro players, rivals will still see the regular Summoner’s Rift banner.

” Beginning with the Summertime Split, fans viewing main League of Legends esports broadcasts will start to see more esports branding directly on the Rift,” said Riot.

” In the future, you can expect to see leagues start to experiment with unique methods that will more deeply incorporate our partners to engage local and local fan bases.”

” This is the very first digital item we’re revealing ahead of the Summer Split that’s developed to develop a richer viewing experience around esports. Our aspiration is to develop an environment that exudes the energy found in standard sports, and we’ll continue to work towards that goal.”

Riot continued: “While these banners will show up to those enjoying online, pros will continue to see the basic Summoner’s Rift design while playing their main matches. This will guarantee that a new visual model won’t impact their ability to practice and contend on a similar Rift.”

Previously this month, the American firm revealed it would host a 48 hour League of Legends charity livestream between May 29th and 31st.