Riot Games’ VP of IP and Entertainment, Greg Street, put word to the notion via a tweet, recommending something “big” remaining in the works. Magnifying the hype, he also mentions that the job is something that many have actually been preparing for from the company.

Street, who passes the handler @Ghostcrawler on Twitter, coincides the announcement with a post script about Riot working with for the “huge” endeavor.

The Riot executive’s tweet can be a little unclear for some Twitter users, which needs information. One user, @RichelleLOL, went so far as to validate whether the job being spoken with is an “MMO.” To which was reacted with a reply inferring that “It is an MMO.”

Put in the hands of a veteran game maker, Street’s present disposition is an outcome of years-long tenure, carrying out numerous roles. Consequently, producing a portfolio that covers a cornucopia of popular video game titles.

Back when under the utilize of Blizzard, he was a Game Designer and Lead Systems Designer on numerous Wow growths. Namely, Wrath of the Lich King, Calamity, Mists of Pandaria, and Warlords of Draenor. The cumulative experience alone would be sufficient enough to give credence to Greg Street.

Prior to him meddling MMO, Street also invested a years at Ensemble Studios, exposing him to the world of RTS. Handling the role of a video game designer, he played an essential role in lots of “Age of Empires” and “Age of Folklore” titles produced by the business. Another RTS title he dealt with for the exact very same role is “Halo Wars.”

The revelation comes a week after Riot Games have showcased a slew of trailers throughout The Game Awards. Basically, giving audiences a glimpse at what’s in shop from the business. Which, rather remarkably, includes an episodic animation that will play a crucial function in expanding the franchise’s universe.

Initially exclusive to PC, Riot Games has actually been hard at work at bringing its cherished franchise to other platforms. Such as with the mobile variation with League of Legends: Wild Drift, which recently saw beta test in choose areas.

Moreover, the business also appears crazy about expanding on the franchise even more through the creation of titles based on the very same universe, like the RPG spinoff title, Destroyed King: A League of Legends Story, which got an official reveal last October.