League of Legends maker Riot Games has revealed the very first main esports tournament for its fledgling title Valorant.

Announcing the launch of The Champions Trip, Riot’s senior director of esports Whalen ‘Magus’ Rozelle said that the series will “launch Valorant into a worldwide esport” and that there will be an expanded competition calendar spread throughout worldwide and regional phases.

The company has not revealed broadcast offers, however it is most likely to follow League of Legends in being housed on Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch, with Riot’s fantasy title arguably being the world’ largest esports.

The company has actually also announced ‘establishing partners’ Red Bull and Secretlab.

The structure of the Champions Trip resembles League of Legends, with a pyramid structure that starts in January prior to advancing to a Masters stage. An overall of 16 groups will then move onto the finals in December 2021. The year-long tournament will be played throughout Europe, Australia, North America and South America.

Combining the tactical focus of video games like Rainbow 6: Siege and CS: CHOOSE the class-based and cartoony visuals of Overwatch and its own League of Legends, Riot Games released the title previously this year to an excellent deal of buzz. Around the video game’s launch in April, the game was being viewed by more than 1 million concurrent viewers on streaming platform Twitch.