Riot gameplay style director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter set out all the tentative balance modifications pertaining to League of Legends next week, detailing nerfs to a few of the video game’s strongest and most popular champions.

The devs are targeting Taliyah, Udyr, and Olaf, along with Rammus, Elise, and Ivern in Spot 11.3, taking some power out of the jungle position.

Taliyah, while in an affordable state in solo line, has actually been one of the most objected to picks in professional play. The champion has seen an almost one hundred percent pick and restriction rate in North America, Europe, and South Korea, due to her strength in the jungle.

To fight Taliyah’s frustrating existence in competitive, Riot is lowering the damage of Threaded Volley (Q) to monsters after the first hit from one hundred percent to 80 percent. This change ought to minimize Taliyah’s jungle clear time by a substantial quantity, pushing her back into the mid position.

Udyr, particularly among high Elo gamers, has actually been a standout champion given that the start of the year, boasting a 54 percent win rate in the Platinum division and higher, according to stats website The champion increases to a 59 percent win rate in Master with a 6 percent play rate, above and beyond any champ in the video game.

Riot is nerfing the damage of Udyr’s Phoenix Stance in the next spot, decreasing its damage from 50 to 300 to 50 to 275 (over a four-second period). This is a minor enthusiast, however it must go a long method in the latter stages of the video game.

Olaf, in addition to items frequently badgered the champ, are in the line for nerfs in Spot 11.3. The champion has actually had a strong presence in pro play and solo queue, controling the ladder.

Riot is nerfing Olaf’s base health from 597 to 575 and the attack speed of his passive capability from 0 to 100 percent to 0 to 70 percent based on missing health. The devs are also nerfing Goredrinker– Olaf’s go-to product– lowering its active recover from 12 to eight percent missing out on health. These combined changes could be overkill for the champ, reducing Olaf to a shadow of his former self.

Spot 11.3 is expected to go live next week on Wednesday, Feb. 3.