Will there be such a thing as home-court benefit with no fans in the arena and the stadium not even being the group’s own? Well, if Dallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle is to be thought, the response is yes.

While signing up with the Dennis and Cowlishaw Program on ESPN Dallas, Carlisle went over the formatting of the Orlando reboot of the 2019-2020 NBA season following the blockage of play due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Mavs’ tactician shared how the league is attempting to make the video games feel as regular as possible, even with no fans in attendance.

When asked if the strength level without fans will be the same as it is usually, Carlisle said he believes the NBA’s plan will make it so.

” I think it will. There’s going to be some extremely interesting things in the environment. They’re going to have a virtual setup where they’re going to have virtual fans that appear on a huge screen. There will be a home-court advantage on some level,” the Mavs coach discussed.

” You’ll hear a lot of the exact same kinds of sounds and sounds that you generally hear in your house arena. Warm-up intros for gamers will have the same music. They’re doing some really creative things to create an environment that is going to be not exactly like it would be if there were fans in the structure, but they’re going to do an actually interesting job imitating those types of situations.

” I’m anticipating it. I’ve been on some calls where a lot of this stuff has been set out. I have actually most likely informed you more than I ought to currently. There’s a lot of imagination that’s entered into this and it’s going to be actually, really interesting to be involved in it.”

This details from Rick Carlisle definitely leaves a lot to be envisioned.

While regular starting lineup music and strength isn’t hard to do (you might even have the routine home PA announcers do the introductions from another location), other elements of a true home-court advantage throughout the video game will be much harder to manage.

As fans have seen with European soccer’s resumption, feeding in noise can only do so much. What will the NBA do? How will they try to synthetically make an empty health club seem like a group’s home building? Will it achieve success? Only time will tell.

For what it deserves though, the Mavs coach did excellent in teasing fans of what’s to come.

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