It appears like Riot may have done a botched task of Volibear’s grand rework.

The huge white bear was up to a 39 percent win rate in the current League of Legends patch, coming down to the really bottom of the tables in both the leading and jungle positions.

Volibear’s new set has actually proven to be underwhelming on Summoner’s Rift, with his unreliable skillset and his neither here-nor-there stats, resulting in a mess of a champion. Even Vayne has more base health than Volibear at level 18. It doesn’t make good sense.

However it’s early days for Volibear, and he’s not dead in the water right now. Riot pressed a number of enthusiasts in a micropatch on Tuesday, June 2, targeting his Rumbling Smash (Q) speed, increasing it from 10 to 30 to 15 to 35 percent, and his Sky Splitter (E) reward damage up from 60 to 180 (plus 7 to 13 percent of target’s max health), to 80 to 200 (plus 11 to 15 percent of target’s max health).

The goal was to increase Volibear’s standard power across all roles, but it remains to be seen if this will affect his standings in solo queue.

Prior to Volibear was reworked, he functioned as a specific niche jungler, that could run rampant among the lower ranks. In Spot 10.10, he had a 52 percent win rate. His outdated set though was no compare versus League’s just recently launched champs, and he fell short in diamond and above.

Riot may now look to rub Volibear even more, leading up to Patch 10.12.