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When we take the Asus ROG Strix Scar III G531GW for the very first time we can see that we remain in the existence of a stylish and compact gadget. An aluminum foil on its lid with an Asus RGB Logo considers that “gamer” and metal style that a lot of us search for. When opening the screen we are struck by the reality that the opening hinges are not glued to the base, but when closing their fit is best. This results in greater air circulation for proper ventilation.

Lights where you look

When you turn on the Scar III, its lights automatically attract our attention, which you can see in the Asus Logo, its keyboard and RGB LED tape that runs along the lower edge of the devices, which in the dark when all are on is a spectacle. The entire lighting system can be configured and customized with the Armory Dog crate application, that includes comprehensive information on the operation and efficiency of the devices, with different settings depending upon how you are utilizing the note pad.

An unique configuration for each task

Inside, Asus has actually looked for to satisfy the needs of the most skilled players with the ROG Strix III. It features an Intel Core i7-9750H for fast processing, and an 8GB GeForce RTX 2070 for terrific graphics efficiency. In addition to 16 GB of memory, and a combined solution between SDD and HDD so that we do not have space issues when saving information or computer game.

Detailed requirements

But the Scar III is not simply fireworks. The mobile device has a 15.6-inch screen, Full HD 1920x1080p native resolution, with an effective 240H of refreshment and just 3 ms of action, which contributed to its processor and the power of the RTX 2070 becomes a beast to play, when experiencing fluid and harmonic images in next-generation video games or popular titles such as: League of Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, Counter-Strike, Dota 2 and others. Simply put, a gadget specifically created for players trying to find a high level playing online or in esports competitions from the convenience of their house.

A customized setup

Another highlight is its stereo audio system, which delivers a powerful and enveloping sound that is above the average of what we can discover in laptop computers of all varieties. This has 2 round 4W speakers, located at each end of the base of the keyboard, and we can use it without “guilt” if at the time we do not have headphones that offer us a more intimate immersion. In the same way with the keyboard, if you do not have an unique one for the function, the one integrated into the Note pad will not disappoint. To be clear, it does not include a webcam, and the touchpad can be turned into a numeric keypad.

Area optimization

On the back of the equipment we find the RJ-45 network connection, an HDMI video output, a USB-C 3.1 Gen2 port compatible with DisplayPort and the power socket. In its lateral locations we find on the left 3 3 USB 3.1 Gen1 ports and a TRRS jack for headphones and microphone. And to its left is Asus Keystone, a system that allows you to move your data from one notebook to another, as long as they have the same technology.

Ports and entryways, side and back

On the other hand, its portable charge does not last long if you desire it to play detached from the power. In high-performance titles you will just have energy for one hour, but if you want it to work with workplace software, chrome or similar applications, you will reach an autonomy of about 3 hours.

In conclusion, if you have the resources to have this beast in your room, it will be a fantastic choice. You can see their appearance in the following video (the difference is the i9, we utilize the i7):.

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