Kyrie Irving has a long history of not exactly being tight with teammates. It ends up his first expert grudge with a colleague was with Dion Waiters.

Irving and Waiters, who were once thought about the 2 budding structure blocks of the Cleveland Cavaliers, “always done not like each other, no matter how much the company tried covering it,” per Joe Vardon, Bill Oram and Jason Lloyd of The Athletic.

Irving was the No. 1 choice in the 2011 NBA draft, and Waiters followed a year later on at No. 4 total. Waiters and Irving were always an oil-water mix on the court, with both choosing to have the ball in their hands and managing the offense, resulting in a fight over who was the next real “star” of the organization.

Response: Irving. It was always Irving. The rift only ended up being more obvious once LeBron James rejoined the group in 2014, and Waiters’ function within the company cratered from constructing block to fall person.

” Every group, there’s a man they want to kind of location the blame on. It would be Dion on our team,” James stated then. “I informed him, ‘You can’t get involved in that or what people say about you. It’s not what individuals consider you, it’s what you think about yourself.'”.

Waiters lasted all of 33 video games in Cleveland with LeBron before he was rejected to Oklahoma City, beginning a journey that saw him almost play his escape of basketball prior to reviving his profession with the Miami Heat– all before once again nearly pushing his method out of the sport. This time, LeBron and the Lakers played the rescuer, signing Waiters after he made just three appearances in 2019-20.

Irving would also ultimately agitate his way out of Cleveland and after that do the same in Boston before signing with the Brooklyn Internet in free agency last summertime.