Spooling forward a couple of years, we have actually now seen the Real Madrid of Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo win three Champions League titles in a row and Bayern Munich completing a sextuple of their own by winning the Club World Cup in Qatar.

So, which is more outstanding? Which is more challenging to attain? Which accomplishment will be repeated regularly throughout history?

Truly, I’m unsure. I discover nearly the same variety of arguments in favour and against each victory. I could take value far from winning the Champions League by arguing that it can be won without always dominating. One charge here or there, a beneficial draw, a big injury or a specific piece of refereeing can make a distinction. There’s always some sort of luck factor included with the winner.

While winning the continental competitors is the peak of club football, then there are the subsequent UEFA Super Cup and Club World Cup, with one-off matches that are typically bet considerably inferior challengers.

To attempt to address this concern, I took a look at other sports. For instance, in tennis. What would you 5 more value to? The complete supremacy of Rafael Nadal in Paris or the reality that Novak Djokovic won three grand slams in 2015 (Australia Open, Wimbledon and United States Open) in addition to six Masters 1000 tournaments for an overall of 11 titles from 15 finals? He had just half a dozen defeats that year from nearly 100 matches.

Without becoming too patriotic, it seems that what Nadal did had a greater impact. Opponents prepared thoroughly and with motivation as they attempted to beat him at his tournament and, apart from when he has had physical issues, no one has actually handled. That could be an excellent explanation to put Real Madrid’s successes of Milan, Cardiff and Kiev ahead of what Lionel Messi, Xavi and Andres Iniesta accomplished in 2009.

Possibly the method to go is to simply delight in both accomplishments, especially if they have Spanish success at the heart of them.