According to Spanish outlet Deportes Cuatro, the Real Madrid team have actually chosen to decline the club’s prepare for a wage cut, with the hierarchy hoping for players to wave off as much as 25% of their salaries.

Cuatro report that Los Blancos are expecting losses of EUR200m this season, as they continue to be massively impacted by the monetary impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s declared that the club were initially looking for cuts of 10%, but in current days talk of a 25% cut was pointed out, something that the first-team are merely not happy to sacrifice at this moment in time.

Cuatro include that the team will continue to negotiate however. The first-team agreed to a 10% cut when the pandemic very first swept across the world for the remainder of last season.

This permitted the club to avoid using ERTE to make staff members briefly redundant, a step that Atletico Madrid and Barcelona utilized.

Cuatro note that the side did forego bonus offers for winning La Liga last season and the Spanish Super Cup, with another among their reports stating that this decision from the first-team gamers conserved EUR25m.

It’s included that the club have been working on another income cut for a couple of months now, with the side even needing any players that want to renew their contracts to take wage cuts as part of brand-new offers.

Considering the manner in which the first-team team acted last season, we ‘d be incredibly stunned if some cut wasn’t agreed – it simply appears that it won’t be for 25%.