Ranked split in League of Legends will be coming to an end on Aug. 10. Gamers who have made 150 SP will receive a Volibear summoner icon. Those who have made 250 SP will receive an upgrade on their ranked armor and gamers who earn 500 SP will get a Volibear emote. SP is made through playing ranked games and must not be too hard to make.

Riot carried out the new split system to keep the video game fresh for gamers who play ranked consistently throughout the season. Furthermore, the benefits are created to recognize players who are active throughout the season instead of those that either get bored and stop playing or attempt and sprint to the next rank at the end of the season. These icons and emotes are unique to the split so grab them while you can!

As soon as the season ends, Riot will roll into Split 3 automatically. Players will still require to make SP in order to get benefits and they will unlock at 150 SP, 250 SP, and 500 SP. It is not presently understood what the benefits will be. Perhaps they will have something to do with Yone, who is anticipated to launch just a few days previously.