The year 2020 is ending, to the happiness of many, and although they have actually been a complex couple of months, in the computer game industry there have been numerous milestones and launches that, perhaps, represent an in the past and after.

Especially in the competitive element, such as the complimentary rocket league launch, the arrival of warzone or the exit of among the most expected video games: VALORANT, the shooter from Riot Games.

Since June, VALORANT’s growth has been increasing, combining in the esports element and bring in, increasingly more to skilled CS: GO players. And even if everything works out, Riot Games does not desire to rest on its laurels.

In 2021 the 2nd episode of VALORANT will be out (or 2nd season, whatever you wish to call it) and the rioters are currently dealing with the news that will feature it. One of them seems to be the point system and the leading 500 on the ladder.

Apparently the account of VALORANT Leaks posted a couple of photos with some leakages, such as the table seen above, along with a promotion system based on an overall of 100 points comparable to that of League of Legends.

Even More, Riot Games released an article in which they talked a bit about the qualifiers for 2021, guaranteeing that with spot 2.0 there will be more security from falling out of rank and being demote, as well as a plethora of changes for episode 2.

There are still a few days delegated deal with the next year 2021, and it is expected that Riot Games will reveal news and modifications in the coming days. And you, what do you want them to add to VALORANT and their qualifiers?