Since Ubisoft revealed that there would just be one operator launched per season of Rainbow Six Siege, the team has been diligently reworking and re-balancing some of the more asked for changes to the aging tactical shooter. Some like the Chalet rework have actually been great, while others have been a little a secret. The Year 5 Season 4.3 spot rework falls in the latter category, albeit with some positives.

Most importantly, the most significant change (and possibly the most questionable) is the elimination of Zofia’s Withstand capability. Previously Zofia might get up on her own after being downed without the support of any other colleagues – an ability distinct to her without using any devices. This capability was at the center of heated dispute over the past week after it was used in a professional EU match in the lead-up to the 6 Invitational. No word on whether the debate in the eSports realm was the catalyst for this removal, however the timing is rather suspect.

The most individual modification for me is the truth that Dollar continues to be made into something he isn’t with the elimination of his claymore, rather getting among the new energy difficult breaches. The patch notes state that the group wished to lean into his “master of damage” role and give him a hard breach. To that, I say, “go to hell.” Nobody is going to utilize him for difficult breach; Buck’s strengths depend on his capability to play the vertical which suggests being alone on a non-objective floor. The claymores were essential for his safety. This is on top of him losing his frags. Please Ubisoft, tell me how Buck mistreated you.

Another individual attack towards me from Ubisoft this spot was the total rework of how Kali’s weapon does damage. Rather of just downing everybody with one shot to the limbs, what happens to you now will be determined by what your character’s speed is. One-speeds get hurt from a limb shot, two-speeds get downed, and well three-speeds simply directly up die. I for one can’t wait for more CS: GO dropouts to sit and select through the entire match.

When the idea was floated that roof hatches were going to be instantly reinforced at the start of the match, the cumulative response amongst everybody I talked to was “wtf is Ubisoft thinking?” Fortunately the idea passed away in the test server as it would have wrecked team balance with everybody that could bring a difficult breach needing to bring one. Dodged a bullet with this one, y’ all.

Other modifications are a general nerf to Ash’s capability in which her breaching charge only harms out to 2m, below 3.5 m. The group likewise accelerated the utility breaching charge from nine seconds to seven seconds which annoys me as a Kaid user however I can’t complain, I guess. For those wanting to see how bad the patch is in its totality, the complete patch notes can be seen here.