Racist spam bots are overwhelming Team Fortress 2’s in-game chat.

As reported by Kotaku, one particular type of bot called Myg0t has actually ended up being particularly visible, filling chat with hate speech including that George Floyd was worthy of to pass away at the hands of “supreme race.”

The Group Fortress 2 neighborhood has begun attempting to deal with the issue itself, introducing The TF2 Hacker Cops to try and combat bots.

Fans feels that developer Valve has quit on the game in favour of more financially rewarding projects like fellow online titles Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The business has mainly stayed quiet on the subject.

” There’s been more than enough time to even acknowledge this issue, and yet the TF2 team hasn’t seemed to even mention it on their blog or Twitter account,” one player said.

” Meanwhile, Valve continues to benefit daily off the tens of thousands of daily players that invest cash on the video game’s microtransactions. It’s less than professional of Valve to continue to profit off of this game while showing absolute apathy to the racism and hate speech actively being cast upon their gamer base.”

Valve is one of the few games companies that hasn’t voiced their assistance for the #BlackLivesMatter motion.