The jungler nullified T1’s jungle existence throughout the series, while being an essential point for his group.

DRX beat T1 2-1 today in the 5th week of the 2021 LCK Spring Split with Pyosik leading the charge from the jungle.

The MVP choose this League of Legends series went to mid laner Tune “SOLKA” Su-hyeong and top laner Hwang “Kingen” Seong-hoon. SOLKA had an unstoppable Zoe efficiency in the very first game, securing tidy engages for his team and ending up the game deathless with a 2/0/9 rating. Kingen utilized Jayce to stop the opposing Renekton from scaling through the laning phase. His pressure was too much for T1 to manage and his great mechanics assisted him prevent death in the 3rd video game.

One member who went under the radar was Pyosik, who used Kindred and Udyr to stop the opposing jungler from having any existence. He had an aggressive playstyle and was one of the core factors while his laners were carrying out so well.

The series started with both groups playing actually well throughout the whole map. Objectives were traded on the opposite sides of the map as players scaled. Throughout the mid-game SOLKA took the lead and utilized Zoe’s Sleepy Difficulty Bubble to land definitive crowd-control on singled out T1 members. After a number of effective eliminates, DRX acquired a substantial lead and liquidated the first game of the series.

The second video game was a repeat of the first one with groups playing passively on every lane. While DRX handled to farm their lane creeps much better and protect a little gold lead, T1 utilized their time to secure the early dragons. Once groups observed that the Dragon Soul will be the Ocean one, they started funneling all resources into protecting the dragons. While T1 handled to choose up the Ocean Dragon Soul in the end, they paid heavily with numerous teamfight losses through the process.

The Dragon Soul enthusiast showed to be too strong for DRX to handle and so T1 adjusted the series. Going into the third game, DRX changed their draft totally to counter T1’s tactical plan in every lane. Their superior structure together with the reality that Kingen domianted his lane helped them complete the series in their favor.

DRX will be back on the Rift on Sunday, Feb. 21 with a match up against a weakened Afreeca Freecs. A definitive win versus them could assist DRX secure a top-three positioning in the standings.