During the plog runs, volunteers discover that feminine napkins are challenging to get rid of and they can not be categorised as either damp or dry wasteFounder of plogging decides to take on the threat of a tough-to-dispose of waste– sanitary napkins. He performs awareness projects on, environmentally friendly pads

It is not just squander that ploggers army want to get rid off from the city. They likewise desire to eliminate taboos. Particularly, the ones around periods, that has been contributing to unsustainable waste.

When G Nagaraj, AKA Plog Raj, a personal company employee, who has been performing plogging drives not just in the city but in 18 other cities of the country, discovered the concern of disposing of hygienic napkins, he understood that it will take a great deal of effort to make the shift to sustainable menstrual practices. On May 28, which is observed as Menstruation Day, Plog Raj developed an idea to minimize making use of feminine napkins, but changing to hygienic cups. So this festive season, they started the Santa Cupman drive.

” As the name was rather famous and we are spreading out awareness about using cups, I thought of the name cupman would be apt. We began work on the drive in June and tied up with lots of organisations who assisted us to get recyclable pads and cups,” he said.

Women’s health is men’s cause too

The idea likewise was to include males too to understand about sustainable practices. Up until now the group has carried out 4 drives with the assistance of organisations like Stonesoup, Mitu foundation, Svetah and Jhatkaa. Raj has actually engaged with over 500 females and has dispersed 500-plus multiple-use pads and cups in the city.

” Periods or menstruation is not simply a women-specific concern. I feel that even men must motivate women to take up sustainable menstruation. Products such as menstruation cups or pads are environmentally friendly and pocket friendly. There are many ill impacts of disposable napkins being used by women and the whole goal of this year’s drive being a cupman is to ensure that even males talk to ladies about sustainable menstruation and more importantly create awareness,” he stated.

Plog Raj made certain to include male volunteers in awareness drive too. “We state that both guys and females are equal and we are coexisting but why aren’t we talking about females’s health and health as well? When ladies can take care of us so well why should we hesitate to discuss their health? These are the few questions which I always ask the guys and the majority of them concur with me and would like to be part of the drive to know what are problems females could deal with utilizing the routine napkins,” he stated.

Some worries and stress and anxieties cleared

Recently, throughout among their drives in Vannarpet in Viveknagar, Raj spoke to the women and dispersed cups and reusable pads to develop awareness. The ladies too openly discussed the superstitious notions around periods and clarified their doubts before taking up the cups and multiple-use pads. “Even throughout the plog runs, we discover a lot of napkins disposed and no one enjoys to select it up. The idea is to develop awareness which it has to go in part of turn down and hygienic waste and not part of wet and dry waste. A lot of families have concerns about allowing girls to use cups and a great deal of awareness is still required for individuals to comprehend the principle.”

Francis Xavier, an upkeep supervisor at an apartment building, said that his family likewise participated in the awareness drive in Vannarpet and he too would advise other guys to discuss sustainable menstruation and break the taboo. “These cups are multiple-use and are harmless which is safe for ladies to utilize it. I will recommend others along with my household to utilize it,” he stated.

Esther Mary who was also part of the drive stated women have a lot of questions when it comes to using cups and would rather utilize reusable pads than cups.

“These cups are reusable, environmentally friendly and do not affect our skin unlike non reusable pads. Ladies can use it for 3 to 4 hours and later on empty it in the bathroom and reuse it after cleaning the cup. These cups can be used for 8 years and gets along to all the age. Women may believe that it is uncomfortable to utilize, but it is not and people utilize these cups while swimming, running and doing any kind of activities,” she stated.

A woman who took part in the drive confirmed that this was her fear. “I had heard about cups however I was not comfortable in attempting the brand-new product. I had actually heard likewise that each cup costs about Rs. 800 so I did not think of utilizing it till date. I had many questions which were clarified today and I have decided to utilize cups from now on,” she said.