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According to the current discovery he has actually made Pavel DjundikSteamDB creator, Valve might be working on making his graphics engine, Source 2, supports ray-tracing technology to make your video games look better than ever.

Source 2 and ray-tracing

This info originates from the most recent Artifact beta upgrade, Valve’s card video game, in whose files there are referrals to this innovation that significantly improves the lighting and reflections of games to provide a lot more realistic appearance than what has been typical in the last few years.

Other titles that utilize Source 2 are Dota 2, Dota Underlords, and even the current Half-Life: Alyx. Thinking about that Artifact is a really easy title on a visual level, no marvel Valve decided to utilize it as a testing ground to experiment with the execution of ray tracing innovation in this graphics engine.

Clearly, Valve has not made any declaration in this regardSo we’ll have to await something else to see if the business finally finishes including this innovation in its graphics engine, which could make titles like Half-Life: Alyx something much more immersive if possible.

Obviously, ray tracing technology is not something entirely alien to Valve games, since the fans have altered mods over the years to make titles like Half-Life 2 compatible with ray-tracing, acquiring at the same time really incredible outcomes and far exceptional to what we can find in the base title.