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Not even 2 weeks have passed given that Valheim premiered in Early Access on Steam and it’s breaking sales records and from concurrent players The Viking-themed survival video game is on its way to ending up being one of the Leading Viral Hits From Valve’s Store, according to the data offered by SteamDB, where it can be seen that during the night of Sunday, February 14, the title of Iron Gate AB reached the 367,443 simultaneous players.

That number vanquished PlayerUnknow’s Battlegrounds, which normally ranks 3rd in the majority of played titles on Steam behind (without a doubt behind) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2. In fact, Valheim and PUBG have actually spent the last few days continuously fighting for that 3rd location spot., which at the time of writing these lines occupies the battle royale.

As pointed out from PC Player, these information draw a popularity and development that not even previous viral hits from the Valve store they got so fast. The previously mentioned PUBG was published in Steam Early Access in March 2017 and it took more than 3 months to surpass 350,000 gamers synchronised. Mind you, it later on became the most significant hit in Steam’s history with over 3 million concurrent gamers.

Has surpassed GTA 5 in simultaneous gamers.

Another survival and viral hit, Rust, has actually never ever struck those numbers (its record was 245,253 players last month). On the list of games with the most concurrent users in Steam history, Valheim is at less than 12,000 gamers break into the leading 10, unseating World of Warships. It stands above Grand Theft Auto V, Monster Hunter World, and Counter-Strike, among others.

Moreover, although recently Steam successes are given by the success of the game on Twitch, that is not the case. There are practically 3 times as many individuals playing Valheim than enjoying it on the streaming service, and the number is just increasing, according to the following table from SteamDB.

Publisher Coffee Stain and designers Iron Gate AB published Valheim in early gain access to last February 2 at a rate of 16.49 euros. Can you check out here our impressions.