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Valheim is that game where survival, open world, Norse mythology and cooperation shake hands. The title comes from the hand of the research study Iron gate Y Coffee Discoloration Publishing, and in a matter of simply 18 days from his arrival in Steam Early Gain Access To, he has actually managed to sign up 3 million copies sold. Also, the title has actually reached 500,000 concurrent gamers on the platform, stand just behind the huge CS: GO.

Valheim: Odn smiles at the Iron Gate video game

Today, the development studio Iron gate has confirmed that the proposed Valheim has handled to reach another important number: it has reached the 3 million copies sold outdated February 20. In addition, it has over 60,000 favorable user reviews on Steam, that makes it among the leading 80 video games in Valve’s digital shop (it remains in position 78). This makes it one of the most popular releases so far this year, if not the best.

These aren’t the only successes on Steam: Valheim has accomplished increase the number of concurrent gamers to 500,000 users. This has actually triggered the title to be placed in 2nd place amongst the most gamers in the shop, being just behind CS: GO. Particular, have actually registered 502,000 gamers this Sunday, which has actually allowed them to get ahead of Dota 2. The figure, that is, is still far from the 1.1 million gamers that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive had at that time. But it seems that it will be a matter of time that it also exceeds the title of action.

And on Twitch?

Valheim is likewise drawing attention in the streams- Based on information offered by TwitchTracker, the game has actually currently crept into the ranking of the 10 most seen video games on the video platform (It was ranked 11th last week, and now it’s 10th.) Accumulates more than 11 million hours of watching, while the weekly typical variety of viewers is 70,060; For example, the average of Amongst United States stands at 30,045 audiences, with this popular indie falling to 21st of the most viewed.

“We had a feeling that it would offer rather wellAt least to sustain us, you know But being a seller of a million, and now two million, is something we might never ever have guessed, “said Iron Gate Studios co-founder Henrik Trnqvist in an interview with PC Gamer earlier today. “It is quite extraordinary and we are also very humbled, I need to include”.

“Explore, build, battle and many of all, endure in this adventure influenced by Viking culture and its myths “, we wrote in our impressions. We remind you that the game is offered on Steam in the Early Access phase for 16.79 euros.