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Valve It is one of the most crucial business amongst PC players both for video games as well called Half-Life, Counter-Strike or DOTA 2 and for Steam, its popular online store used by gamers from all corners of the world.

Today the company that Gabe Newell runs is the protagonist since it deals with a lawsuit who implicates her of use its position of power as a digital store PC for force other designers to sell their computer game at the very same price than on Steam, regardless of whether they use their own digital stores (like uPlay) or also disperse the game on Steam’s competition (Legendary Games Shop or GOG).

” Valve abuses Steam’s position of power in the market forcing video game developers to accept a provision of ‘The majority of Favored Countries’ that is included in the Steam circulation contract, “checks out the suit that clarifies that this arrangement makes” video game designers concur that the price of a PC video game on the Steam platform will be the exact same price for which these developers sell their PC video games on other platforms. ”

An obstacle to keeping computer game prices high

According to the complainants, this stipulation seeks to keep rates high for consumers as competition in between shops must trigger the prices of video games to reduce. They also guarantee that it likewise “hinders development and suppresses production considering that function as an extra barrier to entry for possible competing platforms”

“When a market like this is so concentrated, a brand-new competitor can benefit consumers by decreasing the prices of the traditional operator,” safeguards the need. “The ability to provide PC games at lower costs is one of the methods which a company or a new entrant could get market share. If this market worked properly, that is, if this clause did not exist and the other platforms might contend on cost might use the exact same or greater margins to game developers while offering lower prices to customers. “.

Valve has actually not made any representations about this lawsuit at this time.