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The traps They are an endemic issue in online gaming: any place there is a multiplayer title, there will be cheaters utilizing software application to take an unjust advantage of other players. It’s something that has been occurring because time immemorial, now a study by Surfshark, an Internet security tool, has put approximated figures on the number of cheats in each game, likewise dividing the number of individuals who use hacks by country (in Spain, for example, we are above the average in players who cheat, according to the research study).

This brand name has actually developed a somewhat weird methodology to determine which online computer game have more cheats: first they have developed a selection of the most popular online video games and then they have tried to find cheat videos on YouTube to count the number of visits they have in total. Among the searches, terms such as aimbot, which are the softwares that assist you to aim directly at the enemies and usually at their head, or wallhack, the cheat technique that lets you translucent walls.

Fortnite the video game with the most cheats, followed by Overwatch

With this methodology Surfshark has concluded that Fortnite is the game with the most cheats since the videos associated with these subjects include an overall of sees of 26,822,000 million keeping a lot of range with the 2nd title with more cheats, which according to this study is Overwatch with its 9,279,829 views in videos of cheats. In 3rd location we have Counter-Strike: Global Offensive thanks to the fact that the YouTube videos that talk about how to cheat in the game have actually been seen more than 6,700,000 million times.

In the list, as you can see, there are other video games that have had cheating concerns in your neighborhood even if they do not appear initially in the list here. Call of Responsibility: Warzone, for instance, occasionally performs a huge cleaning of cheats: the last one took ahead more than 60,000 accounts. Also Valorant and Destiny 2 appear here after Riot Games and Bungie chose to sue a cheater software application supplier online.

If we go to the geographical location, the nations with the most cheats by number of gamers are Sweden, Georgia and the United States. The Spanish are above the average in the variety of cheaters with around 1500 hackers for each million players.