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Steam has started the year 2021 stomping, when in Spain we are still recuperating from the choking of the grapes. The digital platform of Valve has actually registered an optimum peak of concurrent users, position the number in the 25,415,080 players on January 2, according to the information provided from SteamDB. In fact, at the time of composing these lines, there are an overall of 22,333,051 gamers in the service. Considering that we continue to combat the coronavirus pandemic, which numerous of us need to remain at home, it would not shock us that the figure will quickly reach 30 million.

Steam reaches 25 million active players

Nevertheless, the record of “in-game” players has not been beaten. Although in March this number stood at 8.1 million players, at this existing record just 7.4 million players are in a video game. In addition to this information, it must be considered that the video games that attract the most users are the complimentary ones: such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with more than a million players; o Dota 2 which approached 700,000 users. In third place we discovered Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds with practically 400,000 users.

Single-player video games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Stardew Valley were likewise part of the top 10, together with titles that are currently typical in this ranking, such as Grand Theft Vehicle V or Rust. The winter season and new lockdowns taxes in some nations would have motivated the look of these figures. In fact, last Christmas day, Steam got another new peak: 23 million gamers collected on the platform.

Days after Christmas, Steam sets another record

The expert Daniel ahmad kept in mind at the time that, in addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, the appearance of cooperative and colorful video games such as Among Us or Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout would have motivated gamers to rely on Steam to kill time. These 2 games, in fact, have actually been amongst the titles that have actually generated the most income on the platform during 2020.